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How do I connect my tracker to the TV and web app?
How do I connect my tracker to the TV and web app?
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The ultimate experience has landed! As an paying subscriber, you can now track your stats on any one of our TV apps and on your laptop!

All you need is a compatible tracker and your mobile device.

How do I connect my tracker?

  • Firstly, check the Fiit app on your mobile device is version 2.94 or above for iOS, and 1.74 or above for Android

  • Log in to your TV app or into the web app, and select a class

  • Press Start Class- you will then be asked to 'Connect tracker to mobile device'

    Note; You will need to login on both mobile and TV app with the same login details

  • Select the blue 'Connect' button on your mobile phone

  • Your mobile phone will search for a compatible tracker, the TV will instruct you to 'Follow steps on your mobile'

  • Once the tracker has been found and a heart rate detected, you will be able to 'Start Class' on your TV app

  • You're all set! stats will be shown on the bottom right hand side of your TV

My phone did not ask me to 'Connect'

You can select 'Try to connect again' on your TV/laptop to retry the process. If you still experience issues, check you are logged into both mobile and TV app with the same login details, if so, simply re start the Fiit app on your mobile device.

Please also ensure your tracker is NOT connected to your phones bluetooth settings, if it is > forget device> turn bluetooth off and on> ensure tracker is now not connected, this should now fix the issue!

My stats are different on the TV/laptop and mobile app

Check both the mobile and TV app are on the same wifi network. Any difference in stats is likely due to one device losing connection, but can also be down to a slight delay in communication between phone and TV. Our awesome developers are constantly working to improve this.

Does this work with Scheduled and Group classes?

Not right now, but we're workin' on it! Stats tracking with the TV and web app is currently only available for our on demand classes.

You can still enjoy group classes and compete on the leaderboard with the mobile app.

If you have any more questions, just chat to our team on [email protected].

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