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What fitness trackers can I use with Fiit?
What fitness trackers can I use with Fiit?
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Tracking your live stats while you workout not only helps you to train more efficiently, but tracking your progress is one of the best motivators to push harder, and keep coming back to beat your PBs.

As part of our paid subscriptions you can track your progress with a compatible fitness tracker.

There are several fitness trackers you can use to see your stats and track progress with Fiit via the mobile app. The trackers below also connect you to group classes so you can compete on live leaderboards.

I want to see my heart rate, calories and reps (for helping you maintain good form, and tracking progress in the Cardio and Strength studios):

  • Fiit 2.0 Tracker powered by Prevayl - £65 (available for purchase via the website or in-app)

  • Fiit Tracker (no longer available for purchase but will still connect)

  • Wahoo Tickr X (ensure the X model)

I want to see my heart rate and calories only (for tracking progress in the Cardio studio). We recommend and link to Fiit app:

We are also compatible with;

  • Cardio Sport

  • CooSpo Heart Rate Monitor

  • Dash Heart Rate Monitor (Chest Strap)

  • EZON Heart Rate Monitor

  • Garmin Premium Heart Rate Monitor (Chest Strap)

  • Lion Heart (F45)

  • Moov HR Burn

  • MyZone

  • OTbeat core (Orange Theory)

  • Peloton

  • Polar H10

  • Prevayl

  • SHANREN Beat 20 Heart Rate Monitor

  • Suunto, Sports Tracker

  • Tacx Heart Rate Belt

  • TicWatch S2

  • TicWatch Pro 3

  • TomTom Heart Rate Monitor

  • UDOARTS HRM with Pedometer

  • Wahoo Tickr

  • Watt Bike dual mode

  • Whoop

Don't have one of the fitness trackers listed here? Learn more about the stats you can track with the Fiit Tracker.

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