We've got some good news... Fiit is available as a TV app!

If you’ve got any one of our TV apps, we’ve made it EVEN easier to get moving with Fiit. Simply head to your TV and start your free trial. Boom.

For full details on how to login and get started, see How to login to Fiit- The TV app

What countries is Fiit the tv app available?

Amazon Fire


Getting started with Amazon Fire TV

Samsung TV

Australia, Canada, Uk and Northern Ireland, Guernsey, Ireland, Isle of Man, Jersey, New Zealand, USA, South Africa

Getting started with Samsung TV


UK and Ireland

Getting started with Sky



Getting started with Xfinity

Are there any differences between the Fiit mobile app and the Fiit TV app?

Yup, there are a few key differences.

While Fiit on TV gives you unlimited access to all 700+ workouts, on the mobile app you can also access training plans and group classes. But don't fear, we're working quickly to bring these features to Fiit to TV ASAP!

Remember, your membership includes both Fiit on TV and the mobile app, so if you feel like you're missing out on the above features not yet available, head on over to the mobile app when you're vibing a training plan or a group class.

Can I connect a HR monitor to the Fiit app on the TV app?

Oh yes! We are thrilled to have recently launched this feature, read here for connectivity steps.

Which fitness trackers can I use with Fiit?

Fiit is compatible with the Fiit Tracker, Apple Watch, Polar, Wahoo, Myzone and 20 other heart rate trackers. Check out the full list here.

Can I access Fiit on other devices?

You sure can! Your Fiit membership gives you access to the app on a range of mobile devices (iOS and Android), as well as the TV app.

How do I purchase hardware with my Fiit membership?

You can purchase a Fiit Tracker from here, this enables you to track your Heart Rate, Calories, Fiit Points and Reps! While you're there, the Fiit Shop is also home to the highly sought after fitness mats and apparel. Make sure you check it out!

What fitness classes are available on Fiit?

Whether you want to build strength, lose weight, improve cardio fitness or perfect your downward dog, choose from hundreds of classes from entry level through to advanced. We've got HIIT, strength training, equipment classes, yoga, pilates, mobility sessions, and even breathwork. There is something for everyone, no matter your mood!

Are there more features coming to the TV app?

Absolutely! We'll be adding training plans and group classes to Fiit on our TV apps as soon as we possibly can. You'll also be able to update and review your profile and connect with other Fiit members in the app. We'll keep you posted as new features are released!

Got other questions about Fiit on the TV app, or just feel like a chat with our team? Contact us at [email protected]. We'd love to hear from you!

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