How to login to Fiit - the TV app
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If you have our TV app on either Sky, Virgin TV, Fire TV, Xfinity, or Samsung TV, this one is for you:

(If you are a Shaw customer, please see here for login details)

You already have a Fiit account on a mobile device and have a password :

  1. Launch the Fiit app on your TV

  2. Login using the information you used to sign up on your mobile device.

  3. And you're good to go!

If you don't already have a password, first time logging in, new to FIIT or you usually login with your Gym Group account:

You don't need a password, you can login on the TV app via our 6 digit PIN.

You'll need to download Fiit to your mobile device to enter the PIN - download from Appstore or Playstore, then follow these simply steps.

  1. Log in to the Fiit app on your mobile via iOS or Android and head to the profile tab > tap the settings cog wheel in top right > scroll to TV > this will take you to a page to enter the PIN code from the Tv screen.

  2. Open Fiit on your TV app, select 'Login'

  3. You will see a 6 digit PIN appear on the screen. Follow the steps listed on your TV screen OR keep reading for an alternative method:

  4. In your mobile on the page you have open enter the 6 digit PIN visible on your TV screen
    If the screen is not already open from step 1 - go to the Profile tab > tap the cog in the top corner > scroll to TV > Select 'Enter PIN' and enter the 6 digit PIN visible on your TV screen.

  5. Voila! you should now automatically be logged into your TV app, and remain logged in unless you opt to logout

What are the other benefits of having the Fiit mobile app?
It's useful to have the mobile app even if you don't use it to workout as this is where you can manage your account.
The mobile app allows you to :

  • create your profile,

  • set your workout targets and turn on workout reminders and motivation

  • view the live class schedule,

  • start one of our challenges and connect a fitness tracker

  • manage your subscription,

  • speak to the Support Team and view FAQ's via the help button on the homepage.

You can use both the TV, web app and the mobile app as part of your subscription.

You can also login via our Web app, see here for details!

Give us a shout at [email protected] if you need any further help logging in on your TV!

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