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How to login to Fiit- the web app
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If you are an existing member, keep reading and follow the steps.

New to Fiit? Visit our website to sign up, and then follow the instructions below.

Logging into the web app;

  1. Tap “Log in”

  2. Enter the email address used to sign up to Fiit

  3. Enter your password if you have one, and away you go! If not tap “Send me quick login link” to receive an access link via email

  4. Note; if you have a subscription via The Gym Group, you are unable to add your PIN on the web app. You'll need to use a login link by following steps 1-4.

To access your quick login link

  • Head to your emails and open the Fiit email titled "your magic login link"

  • Tap the “log in” button within the email

  • You are now logged in to the web app!

Note; The login link can take a few moments. If you don’t receive your link, please check your junk/spam folder, delete and reinstall the app and try again. If you are still having trouble, contact [email protected] for help.

You can create a password or change your password via the mobile app. Simply download the app to your mobile device and follow the steps above. Once in the app go to Profile > Your details > Change password.

As this is a beta app, we welcome feedback on quality, usability and overall experience. We will look to release new features and improvements in the future, in the mean time share your feedback with us.

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