If you have a Samsung Smartwatch; Galaxy Watch, Galaxy Active, Galaxy Active 2 or Galaxy Watch 3 you can connect to the Fiit app. You will need to check your software and device are compatible:

  • Tizen OS software is version 5.5
  • Android mobile device is OS 6.0 or higher

If your device is compatible, install Fiit on your Samsung Watch:

  • Download the Galaxy Wareable app and log in
  • This takes you to the Galaxy Store
  • On the home screen you will see a 'view more' option next to 'featured apps'
  • Toggle to the Apps section
  • Search 'Fiit' in the search bar provided
  • Install Fiit
  • Fiit will now appear on your Samsung Watch

Connecting your Samsung Watch to Fiit:

  • Check bluetooth is enabled on both your watch and phone
  • Ensure your watch is connected via Bluetooth (not wifi)
  • Open the Fiit app on your mobile device
  • Select a class > Start class
  • The app will automatically pick up your Samsung watch, you will see your heart rate appear on the watch and the Fiit app
  • Close the Fiit app on your watch after you have completed a class. This will preserve battery usage

I have previously connected another HR tracker to Fiit, can I still connect my Samsung watch?

Yes! The Fiit app will automatically search for your Samsung watch. If you wish to switch between your watch and other tracking devices, simply follow the usual connection steps: Select "Not my device' on the connection screen, wait for the app to show you devices available. then select your preferred device.

Can I record my class stats in the both the Fiit and Samsung Health app?

Class stats will only be recored in your Fiit app, we do not currently have the ability to link with the Samsung Health app.

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