Fiit Club

This is HIIT. But not as you know it. Fiit Club is the place to go to train with friends and compete on the live leaderboard. Classes are challenging but with two trainers in every workout, you can choose to follow beginner to intermediate moves or take more advanced options if you want to level up.  

You need to connect your Fiit device or Fiit device Lite to compete on the live leaderboard. Stay in the zone to score Fiit Points. The harder you work. The more Fiit Points you earn! 

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On demand

We have three studios — Cardio, Strength and Rebalance — and four levels of classes: entry level, beginner, intermediate and advanced. Premium membership gives you access to unlimited classes in all three studios.  

Class names relate to their structure or format, e.g. Cardio Circuits — which have specific outcomes for the body and mind. You do not need to take classes in numerical order.

Cardio Studio

For high intensity classes to burn calories and increase stamina. Wear the Fiit device or Fiit device Lite to see your heart rate on screen and keep it in the target zone to score Fiit Points. 

Choose from: Circuits, Intervals, Nonstop and Combat classes.

Strength Studio

For toning and building muscle. Feel the burn with form-focused reps — your Fiit device will count them so you don’t have to. (NB. The Fiit device Lite does not track reps).

Choose from: Circuits, Supersets, Resistance Bands, Dumbbell and Kettlebell classes.

Rebalance Studio

To improve mobility, flexibility and mental focus. 

Choose from: Vinyasa Yoga, Power Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Ninja Flows, Mobility Flows, Pilates, Breathwork and stretching classes.

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