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What training plan is best for me?
What training plan is best for me?
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How do Fiit training plans work?
Our plans are designed to help you reach your goals and give structure to your fitness routine. They range from 2 to 12 weeks. Every plan consists of 3 to 7 classes a week, depending on your fitness level and plan. Intensity of classes will increase over the course of the plan to ensure you progress steadily and safely. Classes are a mixture of 10, 25 and 40 minutes. If you want to do more than the classes in your plan — go for it! 

You can start a plan whenever you want. View all plan classes ahead of time, you can even schedule them as your very own group class to keep you on track!

If you want to change the difficulty level, you will need to change your fitness level in Profile and start the plan again from the beginning.

How do I know what plan to choose?
We have over 35 training plans based on your goal and fitness level. All Plans are available via Unlimited with 6 plans available on Essential.

12 week plans

Push Pull 1 - A 4 week plan designed to build muscle and perfect performance. Target individual muscles with progressive overload. Master functional moves and technique, improve muscular endurance and posture, and experience the benefits of hypertrophy training. Whether you’re at home or in the gym, you’ll need two pairs of dumbbells — one heavy, one medium, for both blocks.

Push Pull 2 - Increase the load in this next 4 week block when we bring power and olympic lifting to the mat. It provides the structure and stimulus you need to build athlete-level strength, without having to use a barbell. Experience complete strength training whilst continuing to level up in your technical moves and progressive overload. In Push Pull 2 you will work to develop more power, speed and agility. Check out what Fiit trainer, Gus, has to say about this plan here!

Push Pull 3- A 4 week block that takes everything you learnt from 1 & 2. And turns it up a notch. Go harder for longer with high volume strength training and hardcore conditioning work. Waz, Luke and Laura have added reps and bigger finishes that will help you move like a pro under load and feel like an athletic weapon. Bring your dumbbells to the mat for these 10, 25 and 40 minutes workouts.

Outlast Pro- Three 4-week blocks of our grittiest cardio, strength and functional workouts.

Block 1 (Outlast Pro 1)- You'll build the cardio capacity, functional range and muscular endurance in preparation for block 2. Start with the Outlast Pro test which will enable you to track your progress. Then dive straight into six classes a week. We start with intermediate-level workouts before ramping up to advanced. All you need is your workout mat and pair of medium dumbbells.

Block 2 (Outlast Pro 2)- Demands more speed, more power and more agility with every move we throw at you. We’re taking it to 7 classes a week, with advanced level-only cardio and strength training. This is where you'll master isolation training in the Strength studio, Savage 40 minute HIIT sessions, functional movement and extra 10 minute stretches to enhance your performance.

Check out our blog for more details here!

Block 3 (Outlast Pro 3) - Use everything you've learnt from Outlast Pro 1 & 2 to take you to the next level. Master advanced, technical movements to start training and thinking like an athlete. You'll be working at higher intensities for longer intervals, smashing through 7 Advanced classes a week, mixing it up over 10, 25 & 40 minutes. Grab your dumbbells, and get ready to take your training to the next level!

8 week plans

HYROX ready 1 & 2 - This 8 week plan is split into 2 x 4 week blocks led by the world’s top strength and conditioning coaches. If you only have 4 weeks to prep, block 1 will give you the competitive edge. To supercharge your performance, complete blocks 1 and 2.

Dominate the World Series of Fitness with a training plan specifically designed to get you to the finish line faster and stronger than ever before. With Tread, strength, cardio and recovery classes, you’ll train your body from all angles – building a killer aerobic base, lactate threshold and top-end speed. But remember – if you’re gonna train like an athlete, you’ve gotta recover like one.

6 workouts a week, treadmill and dumbbells required.

6 week plans

Real Strength - Feel strong from the inside out. Develop lean muscle and tone up. A rep-focused plan to help you build a bulletproof body.

Lift - If you’re looking for a challenge, this plan is for you. Lift will help you build strength and torch fat, even at rest. Dust off your dumbbells, this is how you level up. Recommendation weights 4-16kg dumbbells.

Breathe - Transform your physical and mental health with the power of your breath, led by world-renowned Breathwork expert, Richie Bostock. 

5 week plans

Build - Bulletproof your body and mind with our most intense strength workouts yet. You'll need a pair of dumbbells you can press overhead for 10 reps. 

Recommended weights:
Dumbbells - 4-16kg

4 week plans

Base Fiit - Ready to build some serious confidence on the mat and in yourself? Base Fiit has everything you need to master the foundations and take steps, leaps and bounds to progress your fitness. Starting with low impact classes to prime the body, then moving to more dynamic training – this 4 week plan is designed to make you level up steadily and safely. Let’s go!

Base Fiit 2- Prepare. Progress. Adapt. Base Fiit 2 is your next 4 week training block in the Base Fiit series. And it’s all about getting your mind and body ready for the next level. With help from 6 of our most skilled trainers, you’ll be steadily introduced to the movements, workout structures, and language found in our intermediate classes. There’s a small increase in load from the first block but it’s nothing you can’t handle. Just take each class at a time and trust the process. Let’s get Base Fiit.

Base Fiit 3 - New to dumbbells? This is your plan. Over 4 weeks you'll improve your fitness on every level. Four classes a week for 4 weeks, improve cardio fitness and increase calorie burn. Master foundational dumbbell moves to build strength & mobility classes to aid recovery. Take the plan as many times as you like.

Need dumbbells? Head to

Beginner Strength - Welcome to Strength Training 101. This is the first step in making you a stronger, more confident, and ultimately more resilient human being. Over four weeks and 20 classes you'll learn how to perfect your squat and hinge movement patterns with Sean, build rock solid strength foundations with Laura, and equip yourself with quick, stackable lower body, upper body and core classes that'll suit any schedule.

Kettlebell Plan - Learn how to flawlessly execute a variety of kettlebell exercises with 5 classes a week over 4 weeks, building on skills each week

Bike Plan - Uniting Bike-only classes with Strength and Recovery routines, this isn't just exercise. This is moving with purpose. You’ll learn to become more efficient on the bike, develop all three energy systems via endure, metcon and speed sessions, boost your VO2 max engine through the roof, and torch a mountain’s worth of calories. Best of all, the plan is 100% low impact. Your lungs might be feeling it, but your joints won’t. Ready for the ride of a lifetime? Saddle up and put those pedals to the metal! All Levels > 5 training days per week (165-195 mins per week) > Gede, Alice, Matt, Gus, Waz, Laura and Lina.

Airbike Academy - The best possible way to begin your AssaultBike journey. Over the next 4 weeks you'll study sprint training, and metabolic and aerobic conditioning. Plus you'll learn the foundations of recovery and put it all to the test with a Complete workout.

Tread Academy - Learn to run like an athlete with the Tread Academy. Get stuck in to 4 treadmill classes a week, a mix of 25, 40 and 60 minute workouts where you’ll study sprint training and metabolic and aerobic conditioning. Plus, you’ll learn the foundations of recovery and put it all to the test with a Compete workout.

Outlast - The ultimate bodyweight plan, in 4 weeks this will test your endurance, power and determination. Burn fat, build strength and find out what your body's capable of with 6 classes a week, in all three studios. No weights needed.
Once you're done- level up with Outlast Pro.

Total Burn - It’s time to turbocharge your fitness with Total Burn. Get 4 weeks of bodyweight burners, specifically designed to burn fat, build endurance and gain strength. Total Burn is Fiit’s seminal Cardio plan. And it’s all about finding the fire within. Feel your lungs burn while you build a killer aerobic base. Watch your HR peak while you incinerate calories. And get used to working at higher intensities for longer periods. Prepare for 5 workouts a week with a mix of 10, 25 and 40 minutes burners.

Total Burn 2 - Total Burn 2 is the sequel to Fiit’s most popular Cardio training plan. It’ll get you training at higher intensities for longer periods – burning more calories and building greater work capacity. With more volume and complexity, Total Burn 2 demands energy. So, keep calm and find comfort outside your comfort zone. Five workouts a week and intermediate level.

Mobility Plan - Future-proof your body using a plan designed to buddy-up with your regular training. Across four weeks and just 60 minutes per week, you’ll harness the power of functional movement, yin yoga for athletes and morning mobility classes to unlock your full athletic potential. As Gede says, “mobility is the secret sauce of high performance”. Better mobility equals greater range of motion, improved exercise execution, and a faster route to your fittest self. Build these sessions around your home workouts, gym days or to break up a WFH day. Recovery quicker. Bounce back stronger.
All Levels > 3 classes per week (60 mins per week) Brought to you by Richie and Lina

Yoga for Beginners - This is your intro to the world of yoga. Yoga poses and flows are broken down in a way that is accessible for everyone. All areas of the body will be targeted to strengthen, stablise and release tension. You'll finish off the 4 weeks feeling free in body and mind, and ready to keep rolling out that yoga mat. A nice mix of 10, 25 and 40 minute classes, 4 times a week.

The Yoga Plan - Open up to the world of yoga and feel the flow in your body and mind. Each week is centred around a peak pose – giving you the confidence to incorporate them into your flows. It's time to unlock your inner yogi in a mix of 10, 25 & 40 minute classes, 15 classes over 4 weeks. Ideal for All Levels.

Feel good with Fearne - Learn to build a better relationship with your body and mind through yoga. Flow with Fearne Cotton and Richie Norton to get stronger, become more flexible and find calm on your mat. Whether you’re new to the practice or a seasoned yogi, this all levels 4-week plan will leave you feeling good after every class.
Take three, 25 minute classes a week and check your progress along the way.

Pilates for Beginners - This is your intro to the world of pilates. Explore the four different planes of movement – flexion, extension, rotation and lateral flexion – to build the ultimate core, to move efficiently, and to optimise posture. Improve foundational strength, balance and mobility, while also relieving pent up stress and tension. Unwind, flow, and find your inner power(house). A nice mix of 10, 25 and 40 minute classes, 4 times a week.

The Pilates Plan - Feel strong, long, toned and flexi. Connect mind to muscle as you breathe and move through deep toning exercises. Feel the burn in muscles you didn't know existed and open up those tough to reach areas. Whether you're a pilates veteran or newbie, this 4-week plan will leave you feeling better than ever. It's time to get pilates-Fiit. Plan includes 10, 25 & 40 minute classes.

2 week plans

Bike Academy - Want to ride like a pro? Of course you do! This two week masterclass will show you how to achieve greater speed and power on the bike by mastering the fundamentals. Build confidence as you hone technique, optimise posture, understand RPM vs resistance, and discover your peak sprint pace.

Row Academy - A two-week crash course in rowing excellency. Over four sessions, you’ll learn – and master – the art of this full-body workout to fully optimise your technique. Covering the fundamentals of strokes per minute and legs-core-arms, plus sprint starts and Chinese paddling, this is PhD-level know-how. By the end you won’t have just cracked the rower. You’ll have completed it! Time to grip it and rip it.

Low Impact 360 - Low impact does not mean low intensity. This plan will put you through your paces while keeping your downstairs neighbours (and your knees) happy. Step into our three studios to get fitter, stronger and more flexible without the bounce.

14 Days Of Fiit - Blitz calories, build strength and improve flexibility with this perfectly balanced two week plan. Experience our most popular classes across all 3 studios, and create a fitness routine you won't want to stop.

14 Days Of Cardio - Want to lose weight and tone up? This plan is designed to give maximum calorie burn in two weeks. High energy cardio workouts combined with strength and rebalance classes deliver fast results.

14 Days Of Strength- Build strength and sculpt muscle with two weeks of bodyweight training. Target muscles across your entire body, and improve core stability and mobility with rebalance classes. Real strength starts here.

1 week plans

Active recovery: Deload - Available as a Bodyweight, Dumbbell and Equipment plan

Warning: this is not a rest – this is active recovery. This is your chance to deload after a taxing training plan and reload your mind and body ready for your next block of workouts. In this one week plan we’ve turned the training volume down low, but retained short cardio, strength and rebalance classes that will help maintain your gains, reduce the risk of injury, and allow you to reset, recharge and re-energise as you gear up for your next challenge. Set your level and let’s get into it. One week, 4-5 classes of 10, 15 and 25 minute duration.

Commonly asked questions

Can I see all the classes in each plan before I start?
Yes! All classes can be viewed by clicking on the week tab

What is the benchmark class?
Take the benchmark class at the start and end of your Fiit Plan to measure your progress. It’s a really challenging 12 minute class — so just do as much as you can!

The benchmark class is incorporated into Real Strength and Total Burn plans. In a beginner-level plan, the benchmark class will be one of your four classes in the first week. In intermediate and advanced plans, take the benchmark class before the first four classes of your plan. At the end of your plan, take the class again to see how much fitter and stronger you are!

The Benchmark Class isn't suitable for entry level fitness, so we have not included in those plans.

Can I take two training plans at once?

Yes if you are on an unlimited membership! You are able to take multiple training plans at the same time. If you fancy improving your pilates alongside a sweaty cardio or weights plan....we got you. Essential Members can only take one plan (available to your subscription) at a time

Can I do another class if I don’t want to do the recommended class in the plan?
You can take as many classes as you want, whenever you like — but in order to complete a plan you must do the recommended classes for that plan. 

Can I change my plan once I’ve started it?
You can end a plan and start a new one whenever you like. To end a current plan, simply tap into it in your app and scroll down to 'End training plan'.

Can I pause a training plan?

We are working to introduce this very soon!

Missed classes can be taken in the following week, just go back to the previous weeks and select the class, they still count. For the plan to show as compete all classes must be taken before the end date.

Do I need any equipment?
All you need is your Fiit Tracker and a mat to workout with. It’s also a good idea to have a sweat towel and bottle of water handy, as it’s going to get sweaty!

Recommended weights:
Dumbbells - 4-16kg
Kettlebell - 6-20kg

How do I change the difficulty level of plan?
Easy — just go to the Profile tab and change your current fitness level. However, if you do change your fitness level it will automatically end the plan that you’re on, and you’ll start the plan again at the new level.

I missed a week. What happens now?
The plans are designed so that you progress steadily and safely, if you miss a week, you will be able to catch up before the plan expires. Missed classes can be taken in the following week, just go back to the previous weeks and select the class, they still count. For the plan to show as compete all classes must be taken before the end date.

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