Fiit Plans are designed to help you reach your goals and give structure to your fitness routine. 

How do the plans work?
Our training plans are either 4 or 6 weeks. Every plan consists of 3 or 4 classes a week, depending on your fitness level. Intensity of classes will increase over the course of the plan to ensure you progress steadily and safely. Classes are 25 and 40 minutes. If you want to do more than the classes in your plan — go for it! 

You can start a plan whenever you want. Complete all classes each week to unlock to classes for the following week. 

If you want to change the difficulty level, you will need to change your fitness level in MyFiit and start the plan again from the beginning. 

If you’re not ready to commit to a 4 or 6 week plan — our 14 Day Plans are a great place to start and build healthy habits that stick. 

How do I know what plan to choose?
We have 14 fitness plans to choose based on your goal:

6 week plans

Total Burn - Torch fat. Get lean. A cardio-focused plan packed with high energy classes to burn calories and tone muscle. Prepare to sweat!

Real Strength - Feel strong from the inside out. Develop lean muscle and tone up. A rep-focused plan to help you build a bulletproof body.

Lift - If you’re looking for a challenge, this plan is for you. Lift will help you build strength and torch fat, even at rest. Dust off your dumbbells, this is how you level up.

Super Fiit - Want it all? Burn fat, build muscle and improve flexibility. This perfectly balanced plan will get you fitter, stronger and body confident.

Movement Master - Move better. Train better. De-stress with mindful classes to improve range of motion and flexibility. Enjoy more freedom in your body.

Breathe - Transform your physical and mental health with the power of your breath, led by world-renowned Breathwork expert, Richie Bostock. 

4 week plans

Abs & Glutes - Combining HIIT, strength training, yoga and pilates - this plan is designed to give you a rock solid core and glutes that get you further. Faster.

Resistance - Ready to level up? This plan targets the muscles that bodyweight training can’t touch. Get ready to feel the burn like never before.

The Pilates Body - Build core strength while improving balance, posture and coordination. Develop focus, control and precision. Discover what you’re capable of.

30 Day Plan - Get fitter, stronger and more flexible in 30 days. Kickstart 2019 with 16 classes over 4 weeks that gradually increase intensity as you progress.

Plans are also personalised by your fitness level so you do the most effective classes for where you are on your fitness journey. If you don’t see a plan that matches your fitness goal please contact [email protected].

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Can I see all the classes in each plan before I start?
You can see the classes for week one of the plan before you start. After that, you have to complete all the classes for each week in order to unlock the classes for the following week.

What is the benchmark class?

Take the benchmark class at the start and end of your Fiit Plan to measure your progress. It’s a really challenging 12 minute class — so just do as much as you can!

The benchmark class is incorporated into Super Fiit, Real Strength and Total Burn plans. In a beginner-level plan, the benchmark class will be one of your four classes in the first week. In intermediate and advanced plans, take the benchmark class before the first four classes of your plan. At the end of your plan, take the class again to see how much fitter and stronger you are!

The Benchmark Class isn't suitable for entry level fitness, so we have not included in those plans.

Can I do another class if I don’t want to do the recommended class in the plan?
You can take as many classes as you want, whenever you like — but in order to complete a plan you must do the recommended classes for that plan.

Can I change my plan once I’ve started it?

You can end a plan and start a new one whenever you like.

Is nutritional advice included?

Nutrition advice is included with the Total Burn, Real Strength, Movement Master and Super Fiit plans. We’ve partnered with top nutritionist Jenna Hope to give you recipe ideas and nutrition suggestions tailored to each week of your plan.  

Is there an online community?

Yes! Please join the Fiit Challengers group on Facebook. This is a great way to stay motivated and share your questions and success stories with other Fiit members. Fiit is better together!

Do I need any equipment?

All you need is your Fiit device and a mat to work out on. You'll need resistance bands for Resistance — these are available to buy in our in-app Shop. You'll need dumbbells for Lift. It’s also a good idea to have sweat towel and bottle of water handy, as it’s going to get sweaty!  

How do I change the difficulty level of plan?
Easy — just go to MyFiit and change your current fitness level. However if you do change your fitness level it will automatically end the plan that you’re on, and you’ll start the plan again at the new level. 

I missed a week. What happens now?
The plans are designed so that you progress steadily and safely so, if you miss a week, you’ll need to end the plan and start again. 

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