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What types of classes are there?
What types of classes are there?
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We have over 1000 classes with top fitness experts available on demand, across 3 studios — Cardio, Strength and Rebalance, plus our connected kit classes on Bike, Airbike, Row and Tread workouts. There are classes from beginner to advanced, so you can continue to level up as you get fitter and stronger. If you're looking for more structured training, we also have training plans, tailored to your fitness level.  

We are available on mobile, TV and as a web, meaning you can access Fiit anytime, any place, any where! Could it BE any easier?

Cardio Studio

For high intensity classes to burn calories and increase stamina. Wear the Fiit Tracker to see your heart rate on screen and keep it in the target zone to score Fiit Points. 

Strength Studio

For toning and building muscle. Feel the burn with form-focused reps — your Fiit Tracker will count them so you don’t have to..

For both Cardio and Strength classes, you can choose from Equipment (EQ) or Bodyweight classes with 10, 25 and 40 minute options.

Rebalance Studio

To improve mobility, flexibility and mental focus. You can also look to strengthen and tone with Barre!

Choose from: Barre, Vinyasa Yoga, Power Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Ninja Flows, Mobility Flows, Pilates, Breathwork and stretching classes. Available as 10, 25, 40 and 60 minute classes.

Connected Workouts

Airbike - The air bike is the most efficient and effective functional fitness equipment in the world. It uses almost every muscle in the body. It’s loved by elite athletes and institutions. And we’ve teamed up with the best in business – Assault Fitness – to bring you the world's first interactive, personalised air bike experience. Find out how this will take your fitness to the next level here.

Tread - Experienced runner? You're going to be obsessed with our Tread workouts. New to running? We got you.

Tread will attack your body from all angles – taking your aerobic and anaerobic capacity to completely new heights. Tread won’t just make you a better runner. It’ll make you a better athlete. Read it for yourself!

Row - Fiit Row offers a fully connected experience on the Concept2 RowErg.

You'll see live metrics including stroke per minute (SPM), distance travelled, kcal and access to live leaderboards. Programmed by your favourite Fiit trainers, Row workouts will follow the ‘Speed, Metcon and Endure’ disciplines you already see across our Bike and Tread workouts, whilst offering a low-impact full-body cardio and strength-based workout for all fitness levels.

Not an experienced Rower? Don't worry, we've also designed a Row Academy to help you master the fundamentals of proper rowing technique. Read More

Bike - Fiit Bike at-home and in-gym workouts are ready to ride!

Driven by metrics and curated by our expert team of Fiit trainers, this is indoor cycling with a twist. Classes are split into performance-focused Bike-only sessions and functional fitness-focused Bike + Mat workouts. Read More

Scheduled Group Classes — live leaderboard HIIT classes

This is HIIT. But not as you know it. Scheduled Classes is the place to be to train with friends and compete on the live leaderboard. Classes are challenging but you can choose to follow beginner to intermediate moves or take more advanced options if you want to level up.  We like to keep you on your toes, so you'll find a good mix of 25 and 40 minute options, as well as Equipment (EQ) and Bodyweight classes.

You need to connect your Fiit Tracker to compete on the live leaderboard. Stay in the zone to score Fiit Points. The harder you work. The more Fiit Points you earn! 

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