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How do Training Plans work?
How do Training Plans work?
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Our plans are designed to help you reach your goals and give structure to your fitness routine. They range from 2 to 12 weeks. Every plan consists of 3 to 7 classes a week, depending on your fitness level and plan. Intensity of classes will increase over the course of the plan to ensure you progress steadily and safely. Classes are a mixture of 10, 25 and 40 minutes. If you want to do more than the classes in your plan — go for it!

You can start a plan whenever you want. View all plan classes ahead of time, you can even schedule them as your very own group class to keep you on track!

What training plan is best for me?

See our range of training plans HERE

Can I see all the classes in each plan before I start?
Yes! All classes can be viewed in advance by clicking on the week tab. However, if you take a class from another week, the week must be open for it to count on your plan.

What is the benchmark class?
Take the benchmark class at the start and end of your Fiit Plan to measure your progress. It’s a really challenging 12 minute class — so just do as much as you can!

The benchmark class is incorporated into Real Strength and Total Burn plans. In a beginner-level plan, the benchmark class will be one of your four classes in the first week. In intermediate and advanced plans, take the benchmark class before the first four classes of your plan. At the end of your plan, take the class again to see how much fitter and stronger you are!

The Benchmark Class isn't suitable for entry level fitness, so we have not included in those plans.

Can I take more than one training plan at once?

Yes if you are on an unlimited membership! You are able to take multiple training plans at the same time via our iOS and Android app. Want to hone your kettlebell skills while grooving your flexibility? Can't decide between Row or Bike Academy. Unlimited members can complete multiple plans at once. Goodbye FOMO. Hello GAINS.
Essential Members can only take one plan (available to your subscription) at a time.

Please note the TV and web app do not have this function as yet - you can still take a training plan via the TV/Web app but only your most recently joined plan will be visible.

Can I do another class if I don’t want to do the recommended class in the plan?
You can take as many classes as you want, whenever you like — but in order to complete a plan you must do the recommended classes for that plan, if you choose to swop it for another, just take the alternative class from the range of on-demand classes and play out the plan class to ensure it marks as complete.

Why can't I start my next week early?

Plans are automated to a timetable so each week rolls open 7 days after you started the plan, Complete the classes shown in your current week and you can access the next week's classes when the new week starts.

What time will my plan schedule open and close?
When you start a plan, it starts immediately, so Day 1 / week 1 starts at the time you join running until 11pm on the 7th day.

e.g - 4 week plan started on 03 Oct
Week 1 - 03 Oct - 09 Oct (time started plan to 11pm on 09 Oct)
Week 2 - 10 Oct - 16 Oct (open from 11pm 09 Oct to 11pm 16 Oct)
week 3 - 17 Oct - 23 Oct (open from 11pm 16 Oct to 11pm 23 Oct)
Week 4 - 24 Oct - 30 Oct (open from 11pm 23 Oct to 11pm to 30 Oct)

For your new week plan to open on a Monday > start the plan on Sunday.

If you have any confusion on your plan dates, speak to us on [email protected] and we can confirm them for you.

Can I change my plan once I’ve started it?
You can end a plan and start a new one whenever you like. To end a current plan, simply tap into it in your app and scroll down to 'End training plan'. You are not able to manually change the start and end dates.

Can I pause a training plan?

Yes you can, open your plan and scroll to the bottom - tap 'pause plan'. You will then have to give a reason for the pause and confirm, then just tap 'resume' when you are ready to start again, the timetable / calendar will continue with the same amount of time you had when you pressed pause.

If you have missed a class, any missed classes can be taken at any time before the plan ends, just go back to the week the missed class is in > select the class, they still count. For the plan to show as compete all classes must be taken before the end date.

Do I need any equipment?
All you need is your Fiit Tracker and a mat to workout with. It’s also a good idea to have a sweat towel and bottle of water handy, as it’s going to get sweaty!

Recommended weights:
Dumbbells - 4-16kg
Kettlebell - 6-20kg

How do I change the difficulty level of plan?
Easy — just go to the Profile tab and change your current fitness level. However, if you do change your fitness level it will automatically end the plan that you’re on, and you’ll start the plan again at the new level.

I missed a week. What happens now?
The plans are designed so that you progress steadily and safely, if you miss a week, you will be able to catch up before the plan expires. Missed classes can be taken in the following week, just go back to the previous weeks and select the class, they still count. For the plan to show as compete all classes must be taken before the end date.

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