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Finding your way around the App
Finding your way around the App
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You've joined, you are ready to start....all looking a little overwhelming?

Read on to find your way around the app and all it's features...

The app has 3 tabs on a paid subscription (Home / Explore / Profile)
and 4 tabs on the Fiit for Free option (Home / Explore / Subscribe / Profile)


Once you have successfully logged in and added your personal info, you will see the App homepage, this can look a little busy so lets talk you through all the features so you can easily find what is relevant to you.

Dynamic Rail - this sits at the top of the homepage and shows any training plans, challenges you have joined in addition to anything Fiit is highlighting.

Teams - Teams is a community feature elevating the Fiit experience by creating community, camaraderie and accountability in your workouts - tap 'view all' to see the teams available - Fiit have created 5 teams based on user goals, i.e. Strength Titans, Mindful Movers, Health Hustlers, Fiit Mum and Cardio Crew to join or create your own team. See More information on Teams HERE

Favourites - This is where you will see classes you have added to favourites (to add just tap the heart icon on any class card, this put's it to your homescreen to find easily) - The homepage will show 7 - if you have more just tap 'view all' to see the rest.

Popular Classes - This highlights the most popular classes taken on the app in the last 60 days - great if you need some inspiration.

Group Classes - Fiit scheduled group classes are available throughout the day, 7 days a week. Think of these as your virtual group workout! The live leaderboard is a fun feature available in group classes. Designed to push you harder, the leaderboard allows you to challenge friends and members around the world and enjoy some healthy competition!
For more detailed information read HERE.

Challenges - Ready to take your fitness up a notch? Launch into your goals with one of our epic Fiit Challenges and fill your Trophy cabinet! Our challenges are goal-oriented and can last anything from one to six weeks, and can be centred around taking specific classes, achieving a set number of minutes or class volume. For more detailed information read HERE

Latest - This highlights our latest releases, new classes are released into the app weekly every Sunday (unless we refresh a training plan, which we do one per month) this updates weekly with the latest releases.

Links to :
Fiit shop - Head to shop to get your Fiit Merch!

Tutorials - Take a tour of the app, see how to connect to your TV and learn the moves.
(we are aware that this feature is outdated and is in the process of being updated in 2024)

Help - Tap the help button to access over 300 FAQ's on your common questions, you can answer 99% of your questions via our FAQ's
You can also talk to the team, via a self serve help / live chatbot or talk to our support team (the support team are not live chat but will reply the same day)

Blog - Tap the 'read the blog' to read our latest blogs and all historical blogs.


The explore tab is your portal for searching content on the app.

General Search Bar - search classes by keywords or class name.

More Filters - Tap the 3 lines to open the full list of search features.

Classes - use the thumbnails for the type of class you want to find and then refine by 'more filters' and duration of class.

Plans - Search training plans by Fitness goal.

Challenges - see your active challenges and live and upcoming challenges here.

Teams - Here you can find a team to join or create your own team.

Trainers - view all our trainers and find classes by trainer in alphabetical order. Your most recent trainers will show above 'all trainers'.


This is where you manage your account. - see HERE for more information on manging your account.

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