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Introducing Fiit Teams..
Introducing Fiit Teams..
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We are so excited to launch our new community feature....Fiit Teams!!

What is Teams?
Teams is our exciting new feature, elevating the Fiit experience by creating community, camaraderie and accountability in your workouts. From 1st August 2023, all users can join a ‘Team’ and support each other to stay on top of your health and fitness goals, making fitness a habit for everybody!

Working out with others enhances motivation, especially when you share the same goal! We have made it even easier to stay on top of your fitness goals.... simply join a Team and you'll be able to see every group classes created by your team members, as well as schedule your own. Say goodbye to solo workouts, and hello to new workout buddies!

Fancy a more personal team? You can also create your own team and invite all your mates! Teams can made public or private, meaning you can make new friends in the app, or keep it specifically to your circle! Even better, there's no need to be be a paying member, Teams workouts are available for free for everyone! Simply get your crew to download Fiit, invite them to your team and get to working out.

If you're a bit of a numbers person, you'll like this.... your teams collective minutes and classes each week are visible on your Team homepage. You'll see how you're stacking up week on week as well as gain a spot on the leaderboard for your activity.

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced Fiit enthusiast, Teams enhances the community aspect of Fiit, in the app, keeping you motivated and on track towards your goals.

The Teams feature is currently a Beta version, we are still developing many more feature enhancements (we are so excited to share these with you over the coming weeks and months!). In the meantime, we'd LOVE to hear your feedback here.

Where can I find Teams?

Teams is available via the App on iOS and Android. At this time Teams is not available on our Tv or web apps. You will see it on the Fiit Homepage under the banner 'Your Teams'.

What Teams are available to join?

Fiit have created 5 teams based on user goals, i.e. Strength Titans, Mindful Movers, Health Hustlers, Fiit Mum and Cardio Crew - You’ll be able to view a full list of teams and public teams & information via the app. As we develop Teams more features will be added, so keep your eyes peeled.

Can I create my own Team?
Essential and Unlimited Members can create their own team! You can make it public for the whole Fiit fam, or private for a small select group. There's space to add Team name, bio and images!

Please note there are character limitations - your team name must be a minimum of 5 characters and the bio, a maximum 255 characters.

How do I join a Team?

Anyone can join a Team, whether you are a paid member or lapping up our free content.

Head to your mobile app and find Teams on the homepage > Browse all available public teams > Tap the team you wish to join > Select 'Join team'. Simples.

You can join as few or as many teams that you like.

How do I leave a Team?

Easy peasy! Tap on the Team icon > scroll to the bottom of the page > tap 'leave team'.

Please note: all users will have access to Teams however, you'll only be able to join team group classes available on your subscription type. All classes taken on any subscription type will contribute to your team metrics/data.

Any further questions, pop us a message at [email protected], we aim to reply in 24 hours.

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