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Troubleshooting the AssaultBike Pro
Troubleshooting the AssaultBike Pro
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I'm trying to connect my AssaultBike to the app

Airbike workouts are not currently available on our tv app.

The Fiit app will currently only connect to an AssaultBike Pro or Elite, you can also connect an AssaultBike Classic by purchasing a Pro Bluetooth console.

To get connected, check out this video

If the app is having trouble locating your Airbike as a Power Source, turn the bike Bluetooth off for a few seconds, and back on. You should then see the Airbikes unique number appear on the bike and in app.

My Airbike is connected, but my Fiit tracker is not

If your Fiit tracker is not connecting to your app, simply press 'Scan again' on the connection screen. This should see the tracker appear as a connected device in your app.

I can't see any stats

Not all Airbike workouts will be fully tracked, see below for details;

  • Metcon- Fully tracked

  • Endure - No tracking throughout

  • Speed - Tracked finisher only

  • Global Competition- Fully tracked

This video will help you to understand what metrics you will see, and what they mean.

Useful articles may also include;

If you have any other questions, speak with our super support team. They can be contacted via email [email protected], or on the live chat via the website.

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