The Fiit Tracker is a motion analytics device that you wear around your chest, during Fiit classes. It’s proven to motivate you to push 22% harder during classes and work out twice as often! 

The Fiit Tracker is our ultimate fitness tracker that monitors your heart rate, calories burned, reps and Fiit Points via Bluetooth connection, and will display this information on your screen. It’s essential to see your progression in Cardio and Strength training.  

Alternative fitness trackers will track your heart rate, calories burned and Fiit Points only. You will not be able to record reps and personal bests in strength classes or benchmark classes. 

Fiit is compatible with more than 25 other fitness trackers, including Apple Watch, so you can track your heart rate, calories burned and Fiit Points.

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If you already have a fitness tracker, find out which ones are compatible with Fiit.

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