On-demand classes

In each studio we have four levels of classes: entry level, beginner, intermediate and advanced. We recommend entry level classes to those at the very start of their fitness journey, or those who are new to certain fitness disciplines. 

Beginner classes are for anyone who hasn’t exercised in a while, or to those who want to master basic movements.  

Advanced classes are designed for people who exercise regularly and have confidence in their abilities and form. 

If you feel as if you are somewhere in between Beginner and Advanced, Intermediate classes might be the perfect route for you!

You can filter classes based on fitness level, target body area, most popular and music type. We will also recommend classes based on your personal fitness level and goal.

Training Plans

If you’re not sure where to start, our 14 Day Plans are a great way to experience a range of classes and build healthy habits that stick. Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle, improve flexibility or general fitness — our 14 Day Plans will set you up for success. For long-term results — check out our four and six week training plans.

Fiit Club

Fiit Club is the place to go to train with friends and compete on the live leaderboard. Classes are challenging but with two trainers in every workout, you can choose to follow beginner to intermediate moves or take more advanced options if you want to level up. 

You need to connect your Fiit device or Fiit device to compete on the live leaderboard. Stay in the zone to score Fiit Points. The harder you work. The more Fiit Points you earn! (Coming soon on Android!) 

Learn more about Fiit Club

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