Our 14 day plans give you a taste of our top-rated classes across all 3 studios, to help you build healthy habits that stick. Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle, improve flexibility or general fitness — our 14 day plans are the best place to start. 

  • Choose from 4 plans based on your goal

  • Entry level, beginner, intermediate and advanced options

  • 3 / 4 classes a week depending on your level

  • Take each plan as many times as you like 

  • 25 and 40 minutes workouts 

  • Completely free (yes really!)

14 Days of Cardio

Want to lose weight and tone up? This plan is designed to give maximum calorie burn in two weeks. High energy cardio workouts combined with strength and rebalance classes deliver results fast. 

14 Days of Strength

Build strength and sculpt muscle with two weeks of bodyweight training. Target muscles across your entire body, and improve deep core stability and mobility with rebalance classes. Real strength starts here.

14 Days of Rebalance

Discover the benefits of yoga, pilates and mindfulness. Practise techniques that will improve flexibility, mobility and core strength — so you'll not only feel great but enhance your performance in every other workout. 

14 Days of Fiit

Blitz calories, build strength and improve flexibility with this perfectly balanced two week plan. Experience our most popular classes across all 3 studios, and create a fitness routine you won't want to stop. 

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