Oh no, Sorry to hear that! Let's see if we can sort that for you.

Firstly, only members on our Unlimited subscriptions will be able to track stats during a workout. If you are an Only Plans subscriber but would love to track your workouts, you'll need to upgrade to Unlimited- details found here.

Our top 'housekeeping' tip for your Fiit tracker is to remove the device component from the strap after each workout. This enhances your battery life and avoids any issues with connectivity and tracking.

If you are an Unlimited subscriber and are having issues, have a read below....

If your tracker is not connecting to the app

  1. Make sure you are wearing the tracker, have dampened the sensor pads, and tapped to turn it on

  2. We strongly recommend killing all open apps to maximise storage use on your phone device, otherwise this can cause intermittent connectivity

  3. Check the tracker is NOT connected to your phones bluetooth settings- if it is please > forget device > turn bluetooth off and on> ensure the tracker is no longer connected to your phones bluetooth

  4. Tracker should now appear in the app

  5. Still no luck? You may need to change the battery

  6. These steps will work in 95% of cases, however, If you still cannot connect your tracker, please contact [email protected] for assistance.

If you are having tracking inaccuracies, we recommend following the battery reset process as a first step

  1. Uncover the battery by using a 2p coin on the back of the device.

  2. Remove the battery.

  3. Flip the battery upside down and re-install with the plus side facing down.

  4. Leave battery installed upside down for 10 seconds.

  5. Remove the battery again. While the battery is removed, flex the metal prong that connects to the battery by pulling up gently. If the prong becomes pushed down too far, it can fail to make a strong connection with the battery.

Is your heart rate showing on screen?

  • Yes. The Fiit tracker will track stats and show them on screen. 

  • No.  If you can't see your heart rate on-screen, you can lightly dampen the pads on the tracker to increase the sensitivity. Also, make sure that the tracker is strapped on tightly around your chest with the logo facing up and over your heart. Women can tuck it under a sports bra to keep it in place. If you still cannot see your heart rate on the screen, please contact [email protected] for assistance. 

Is it tracking your reps?

  • Yes. This means your Fiit tracker is in good working order. 

  • No. Check out our in app tutorial videos demonstrating good form for some common moves.

  • If you have a Fiit Lite tracker, it will need to be updated in order to track reps. Find the steps here.

  • Please note, only the Fiit Tracker will track reps. Other compatible fitness trackers will show calories, heart rate and points only.

Is your heart rate spiking suddenly? 

Yes. This can happen when the battery is running out, we recommended using a Panasonic CR2032.

Are you connecting your tracker to one of our TV apps?

Check out this article for the steps to take.

If you continue to have issues after these steps, please contact us and our team can help you. 

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