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Is my Apple Watch or Fitbit compatible with Fiit?
Is my Apple Watch or Fitbit compatible with Fiit?
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Apple Watch

Yes, your Apple Watch is compatible! Check out how to connect your Apple Watch to Fiit.

Fiit is only compatible with Apple WatchOS 5 and above. However, some older watch models (series 3 and below) may not connect even with OS 5 and above, due to memory capacity.


If you have a Versa 3, 2, 1, Versa Lite, Iconic or a Sense Fitbit watch, you can connect to the Fiit app. You will need to check your screen size and software are compatible. Take a look how to connect your Fitbit to Fiit.

Please note Versa 4 is not currently compatible, but is in progress.

Fiit is also compatible with 25 other fitness trackers (and counting!).

If you want to track reps during strength training classes, you'll need the Fiit Tracker that counts reps, as well as heart rate and calorie burn. Heart rate-only fitness trackers do not track reps.

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