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Setting up your Prevayl device
Setting up your Prevayl device
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When the Tracker arrives you will have a QR code to scan in the box - this takes you to a help page to set up the tracker. You can also take a look at our video to help you get set up on YouTube HERE.

I'm having trouble with the QR code so can't see the instructions

Here is the link that the QR takes you to, this gives you all the help needed to connect your tracker πŸ™Œ

Now you are set up we recommend also downloading the Prevayl App so you can manage the device such as seeing the battery life and updating the firmware to keep the device in peak condition.

Remember, only members on Unlimited or Essential subscriptions will be able to track stats via Fiit.

If you are having further issues getting started take a look at our troubleshooting article or contact [email protected].

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