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Fiit Tracker 2.0 Prevayl : Troubleshooting
Fiit Tracker 2.0 Prevayl : Troubleshooting
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When the Tracker arrives you will have a QR code to scan in the box - this takes you to a help page to set up the tracker. You can also take a look at our video to help you get set up on YouTube HERE.

I'm having trouble with the QR code so can't see the instructions

Here is the link that the QR takes you to, this gives you all the help needed to connect your tracker 🙌

I’m charging my Sensor, but no light is coming on

Possible causes:

  1. The connector must be inserted to a USB-C cable attached to a wall plug or laptop, if you find this is not charging :

  2. Don't use the connector - use a USB-C cable straight into the device

  3. Try an alternative USB-C cable

  4. Try charging via a laptop. If this is not possible, try an alternative wall plug.

    If you have tried this and neither solution works and the Sensor is still not charging please contact [email protected] to log your issue and for further help.

I’m trying to start a class by my Sensor won’t connect to the FIIT app

Possible causes:

  1. Plug in the Sensor via the provided charging cable, ideally into a computer. If a red or green light appears, the Sensor is functioning correctly; if no
    light appears after 10 minutes, please email [email protected]

  2. Do you have Bluetooth permissions activated for the Fiit App?

    1. On an IOS device:

      1. Go to your phones 'Settings' app

      2. Scroll your app to find Fiit

      3. Toggle on Bluetooth for Fiit

    2. On an Android device:

      1. Go to your phones 'Settings' app

      2. Select Apps

      3. Click Apps & Notifications

      4. See all apps

      5. Find Fiit

      6. Select Permissions, tap the 3 dots on the top right to see 'All permissions', then click 'Allow'

My battery life is not lasting long

We are aware of this issue and Prevayl are investigating possible causes to help.

Tips while we work a solution :

  1. Ensure you remove the sensor from the strap after the class - we recommend storing it back in the box.

  2. After you have finished and the class records to your history, ensure you close the fiit app so it is not open in the background and staying connected.

I’ve started a class but I don’t think the HR is correct / my Hr is jumping

Possible Causes :

  1. Are you connected to the right sensor?
    On the back of the Prevayl Sensor is a 4-digit number,
    ensure that the device that the app is showing as connected to
    matches the code on the back of the Sensor. (this code is also on the
    underside of the sliding part of the Sensor box)

  2. Ensure the Sensor is inserted horizontally into the pocket
    of the chest strap with the rubber shims facing towards the body.
    When wearing the chest strap, ensure that the
    pocket is facing up and that it’s central to allow it to pick up
    the most accurate data.

  3. Really dampen the electrodes on the inside of the chest strap.
    The sensors need moisture to improve the accuracy. If the sensor jumps from high to low at the start of the class, add more water to the pads whilst wearing it, it's quick and easy and will improve the connectivity dramatically.

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