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Fiit Essential Subscription
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Not all Fiit Legends have equipment and connected kit, so if it's just you and the mat...we have your back.

We’ve launched Essential – our exclusively mat based bodyweight only subscription that makes fitness easy. It's cheaper than our Unlimited subscriptions, and gives you limited access to the #1 rated fitness app’s best bodyweight only classes, no equipment or kit needed.

How many classes are there?

Our Essential subscription gives you access to 200 of the app’s best bodyweight mat only classes and 6 personalised training plans.

How much does it cost?

You can pay monthly or Annually with a 14 day free trial.
Essential Monthly - paid in monthly instalments on a rolling subscription, each month, 14 day free trial, £7.99/month.
Essential Annual - paid as one Annual Payment on a rolling subscription, every 12 months, 14 day free trial, £79.99/year.

Can I track my stats in classes?
Yes! In class stats tracking is included and with our Fiit Tracker — you can see your stats live on screen and compete in live leaderboard classes. You’ll need a Fiit Tracker, Apple Watch or other compatible trackers to see your live stats.
Please note : Stats analysis is not included so you will see stats during the class but the analysis graphs and post summary analysis will not be shown after the class.
Game modes are not included (you v you and leaderboard summary)

To see the full range of subscription options, see here.

Any questions, our support team are on hand 6 days a week. Email [email protected]

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