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The Gym Group- Linking your account
The Gym Group- Linking your account
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If you are an existing Fiit member and have recently joined a Gym Group Unlimited / LiveIT membership, you'll need to link your accounts.

The steps are easy;

  1. Login to your Fiit mobile app using your existing subscription login details and password/login link

  2. Head to Profile > Settings cog > Link social account

  3. Select > Link with The Gym Group

  4. Enter the email address and PIN associated with your TGG membership

  5. Press the blue Link Accounts button

  6. Voila!

You'll receive an email from Fiit to confirm the accounts have been linked.


Once accounts have been linked, if you already have an existing paid membership, you'll need to cancel your existing Fiit subscription payments.

Your free access via TGG will begin at the end of the Fiit subscription paid for period, no part refund will be issued.

If you need any further help or have questions, feel free to reach out to our team on [email protected]

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