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I'm having trouble logging in
I'm having trouble logging in
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Logging in to the Fiit mobile app

To get logged in, simply request a One Time Log In Link from the log in screen on both iOS and Android devices. The link will be sent to your email address.

Check out this article for full instructions.

I have not received my log in link email for the Fiit app

If you have requested a link, it should arrive in your email inbox within a few minutes, if not we suggest checking your junk folder.

We also recommend checking the email address has been entered correctly (no spaces before & after your email address, typo's etc), and it is the same email address you used to join a subscription.

If you have still not received a link, reach out to [email protected] who will be able to help.

Logging into the Fiit tv app

Need help logging in to our TV app?

Logging in to the Hyrox365 Performance Hub
If you are having difficulty logging into the Performance Hub.
1. Check you have already requested access to the Performance Hub from your Hyrox 365 Platform, as you will not have automatic access until you request it.
2. When you request access you will receive a 'Welcome to the Performance Hub' email with a link to log in.

3. Create a password for the Performance Hub from that link.

4. If your link has expired (links expire after 24 hours for security reasons) just request a reset, the reset email will look slightly different but the flow will be the same (click on link, enter password, confirm password, sign in).
If you are still having issues accessing the Performance Hub, email [email protected] and request to speak to the team.

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