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I'm having trouble connecting my Samsung watch
I'm having trouble connecting my Samsung watch
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Oh, no! Not to worry, we have some ideas of how you can get connected and tracking your workout stats ASAP.


Best to check your Samsung Smartwatch is compatible with Fiit, from the list below:

  • Galaxy Watch

  • Galaxy Active

  • Galaxy Active 2

  • Galaxy Watch 3

  • Galaxy Watch 4

You will also need to check your software and mobile device are compatible:

  • Tizen OS software is version 5.5, Android mobile device is OS 6.0 or higher

  • Check you have downloaded Fiit to your Samsung Watch via the Galaxy Wareable app and follow the steps to connect your watch (if you get stuck, there are extra steps here to help with this).

  • Ensure the Fiit app is up to date on your mobile device (at least V1.4)

  • Check Bluetooth is enabled on both your mobile device and watch

  • It's also good to note that a Samsung watch will only connect to Fiit on Android. You'll be unable to connect a Samsung watch to Fiit on iOS.

Still no luck? Give these steps a go:

  • Close down all other apps

  • Forget previous devices from your Bluetooth settings

  • Open the Fiit app again on your Samsung watch

  • Open the Fiit app on your mobile device and select a class

  • Search for the device again

  • Wait for HR to show on both phone and watch

  • Get started with your chosen Fiit class!

Can I connect another HR tracker as well as my Samsung watch to Fiit?

You can only connect one device at a time to the Fiit app. If you'd like to switch between, check out how to do so here.

If you need a further hand, don't hesitate to give us a shout at [email protected].

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