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How do I host a group class?
How do I host a group class?
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Want to workout with friends? Let's do it!

Hosting/creating your own group class is available on a paid subscription only.
Stay connected with friends and host your own group classes, wherever in the world you might be. Simply choose your fave class, date, time and guest list — and meet your mates on the mat! You can make the class private so it's only visible to you and whoever you share the link with, or make it public to appear on the schedule so any member can join.

You can create group workouts with any class from the Cardio, Strength and Rebalance studios. Stay accountable and take training plan classes together. Start your day strong with a team HIIT session. Or find zen with group yoga and breathwork.

Creating a group class is easy:

  1. Choose any on-demand class in the app

  2. Pick a date and time

  3. Share the link with friends

  4. Go to the “Schedule” tab to see your class and friends that have booked in

Can friends join my group class if they're not a Fiit member?

With Fiit for Free anyone can join a group class, they just need to download the app and log in, bypass joining a paid membership to use Fiit for Free, they can follow your link and book into your class.

Do we all need to wear a fitness tracker?

It’s not essential to take the class, but connecting with a compatible fitness tracker allows you to see your stats and track progress to compete on the leaderboard.

In Cardio classes, you’ll see a live leaderboard so you can challenge each other and satisfy your competitive side! Simply swipe it away if you don’t want to see it. If you’re not connected to a fitness tracker, you won’t appear on the leaderboard. In Strength classes, it’s all about form. You can track your reps but you won’t see a leaderboard until after the class has finished. In Rebalance classes, there’s no leaderboard but you can still connect with a fitness tracker if you want to see your heart rate.

You can purchase a Fiit Tracker here.

More questions? Give us a shout at [email protected] and ask to speak to the team and we'll be happy to help!

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