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I can’t connect my Apple Watch to Fiit
I can’t connect my Apple Watch to Fiit
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Oh no, let's try and fix that!

Firstly it's useful to know Fiit is only compatible with Apple WatchOS 5 and above. However, some older watch models (series 3 and below) may not connect even with OS 5 and above, due to memory capacity.

If your watch is compatible then follow these steps;

  • Ccheck you’re on the latest version of the app

  • Make sure your phone is connected to your Apple Watch > swipe up on the home screen on your Apple Watch and look for the green phone icon in the top left corner

  • If your Apple Watch is not connected to Fiit — make sure the Fiit app is installed on Apple Watch

  • Go to Watch app (on iPhone) > scroll to "Available Apps" > Click “Install” next to Fiit app

  • Go to your settings app> scroll to find Fiit> ensure Bluetooth is enabled for Fiit

  • Make sure your watch strap is tight enough that it won’t move around, and that it’s above your wrist bone 

  • If your Apple Watch is connected to your phone but you’re not seeing your stats, check that Fiit isn’t connected to another bluetooth device. 

  • Occasionally there can be a lag as data syncs from your Apple Watch to the Fiit app, so give a few seconds. 

  • For accuracy, make sure you keep your Apple Watch on for the duration of the workout. 

If you’re still having trouble connecting please contact [email protected]

Note: Apple Watch doesn’t track reps in Strength classes. If you want to track reps, you’ll need the Fiit Tracker.

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