The live leaderboard is a feature available in Fiit Club classes. Designed to push you harder, the leaderboard allows you to challenge friends and members around the world and enjoy some healthy competition!

The leaderboard displays your Fiit Points, which measure how hard you’re working. The higher in the zone your heart rate is, the more points you score. 

Your heart rate zone is personal to you, which means your position on the leaderboard shows your effort in relation to other members in the class, not your fitness level. It’s an even playing field — anyone can win. 

You must connect your Fiit device, Fiit device Lite or other compatible device before the class starts to be on the leaderboard. 

If you wish to be anonymous on the leaderboard, you can generate a random user name by going to Settings before the class starts. 

Also see our blog about how we calculate your heart rate zone here >

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