How do I amend my membership?
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Want to switch up your subscription? We got you.

If you subscribed through the Fiit website
You can make changes to your subscription via the mobile app.

Head to >Profile > Cog in top corner > Membership > Manage.

You'll see membership options, and can easily make amendments. Changes will begin from your next renewal date.

Please note; If you are in a free trial period, amending your subscription may cut short your trial. We suggest making any changes the day before your free trial expires.

If you subscribed via the App Store
You can change your subscription by following these steps:

  • Launch the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad

  • Tap iTunes and App Store

  • Tap on your Apple ID

  • Tap View Apple ID when the popup window appears

  • Enter your Apple ID password or fingerprint ID when prompted

  • Tap subscriptions 

  • Tap Fiit and select your preferred membership

If you subscribed via Google Play
Simply head to Playstore, cancel the existing subscription and rejoin with your preferred subscription length.

Not sure where you subscribed, or want to make other amendments?

Speak to our team, they'll be happy to help. You can see all membership options here.

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