You’ll see your heart rate zone when you’re wearing the Fiit device in cardio classes. 

The heart rate zone is determined by your heart rate reserve, which is the difference between your resting heart rate and max heart rate. It’s dynamic — meaning it’ll change over time as you complete more classes and our technology gets to know your heart rate patterns while you’re working out. It’ll also change as your cardio health improves and you get fitter. 

If you’re taking a cardio class for the first time, we’ll calculate your heart rate zone based on a standard formula. After that, your maximum heart rate is calculated based on your performance in previous classes, as well as the performance of others the same age, who have completed the same class. 

Remember to complete your profile in MyFiit to see your heart rate zone and score Fiit Points. 

If you want to learn more about how we calculate the heart rate zone and Fiit Points, check out this article on our blog

Changes from 12th June 2019

  • You’ll no longer score points in the rest periods. This is to ensure you take time to recover and follow the workout as it was designed. This also keeps things fair on the leaderboard in Fiit Club classes. Note: This may mean that you score less points than in a class you’ve completed previously and were scoring points during rest periods. 
  • We’ve removed the top end zone, so now you’ll continue scoring points even when you’re working at your max heart rate. 
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