UK & Ireland members can purchase a Fiit mat, HDMI-Lightening cable or a Fiit bottle during the signup process through the Fiit website. 

After the signup process, you can purchase Fiit branded products in-app by going to MyFiit > Settings > Shop (if you have an iPhone or iPad). If you're using Fiit on an Android device, please contact us to purchase any of the items below. 

  • Fiit device = £45
  • Fiit device Lite = £25
  • Fiit mat = £45
  • HDMI-Lightening cable = £13
  • Fiit bottle = £25

(Prices do not include postage). 

If you're looking to buy weights or resistant bands, you can order kettlebells and dumbbells from our partner Origin Fitness: Use discount code FIITSHIP to get free shipping! 

Fiit merchandise is not available outside of the UK & Ireland at the moment. 

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