How do I create a password?
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Need to create or update your Fiit login password? Easy peasy! Check out the steps below for both iOS and Android mobiles.

iOS Crew:

  1. Head to your Fiit app

  2. Tap Profile along bottom panel

  3. Tap Settings cog in top right corner

  4. Tap Your details

  5. Scroll down to 'Change password'

  6. Voilà!

Android Crew:

  1. Logout of Fiit on your mobile device (if you aren't already)

  2. Tap Log in

  3. Enter your email then tap "Send me quick login link"

  4. You will receive an email with your quick login link (valid for 30 minutes)

  5. Open the link via a desktop/laptop or in internet browser (not on your phone)

  6. Create your new password

  7. Voilà!

The Gym Group members, don't forget, you can use your TGG email and PIN to login! Simples.

If you don’t receive your quick login link, start by checking your email junk/spam folders. If still no luck in there, contact us at [email protected] we can help set a password for you!

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