Changing your password when you're in the app:

1.      Go to MyFiit

2.     Click on the icon in the top right hand corner

3.     Click 'Profile' and then scroll to the bottom where it says 'Change password'

Changing your password when you can't login to the app:

1.      Tap “Log in”

2.     Enter your email

3.     Tap “Send me quick login link”

4.      If you are opening the email on your iPhone/iPad:

  • Tap “log in now”
  • A message will pop up that says Open in “Fiit”, tap “Open”
  • This will open the app automatically
  • Once in the app, you can create or change your password by going to MyFiit > tap the icon in the top right corner > tap Profile > scroll to the bottom to “Change password”
  • If you are using an Android device, please ensure you open the email via a desktop/laptop or in the internet browser on your phone instead to be able to update your password

5.     If you are opening the email on a laptop/desktop  computer:

  •     Click “log in now”
  •     Enter  your new password and click “Create password”
  •     Go back to the Fiit login page on the app
  •     Tap on “Log in”
  •     Enter your email
  •     Tap “Log in with password”

If you don’t receive your quick login link, please check your junk/spam folder, delete and reinstall the app and try again. If you are still having difficulties, contact [email protected] for further assistance. 

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