Fiit is a fitness app that delivers the most motivating fitness classes straight to your iPhone or iPad, whenever you want. 

Train with the most in demand fitness experts, and choose from hundreds of classes across our 3 studios: Cardio, Strength and Rebalance. 

Classes are 25 or 40 minutes, from entry level through to advanced. 

You can connect Fiit to your TV via HDMI cable or AppleTV, or take it with you on the move! 

You can access a limited number of classes absolutely free, or get the ultimate fitness experience with Fiit Premium. 

Premium membership gives you access to 350+ classes and 10+ personalised training plans. And with our fitness trackers — the Fiit device or Fiit device Lite — you can see your stats live on screen, track your progress and compete in live leaderboard classes. 

Find out more about the Fiit device and Fiit device Lite here

We plan to launch on Android late 2019.

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