How to connect your Fiit Tracker to the app:

  1. Wear the tracker around your chest directly on your skin as close to your heart as possible with the logo facing up. The red/green and blue lights should be flashing, indicating heart rate detection and connection.

  2. Make sure that Bluetooth on your iPhone/iPad is switched on

  3. Once you’ve selected a class, the app will automatically search for your Fiit Tracker

  4. Once it’s found it, tap the Next button and the class will begin

If you can't see your heart rate on-screen, you can lightly dampen the pads on the Fiit Tracker to increase their sensitivity.  The Fiit Tracker will go to sleep automatically after 30 seconds, so make sure you are wearing it after it's activated.

We suggest removing the tracker component from the strap after each workout, to avoid any unwanted battery usage.

If you are having trouble connecting after following these steps, see My Fiit Tracker is not working or contact [email protected] for assistance.

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