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Summer Reset Challenge with Vitality
Summer Reset Challenge with Vitality
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Summer has arrived....fallen off the wagon, it can be easy to let your woekout routine slide, and that is why joining out latest challenge SUMMER RESET can help keep your weekly training rhythm on track all month long.

Your challenge: Complete 12 classes from our selection of 20 Fiit classes in 6 weeks.

Gede has hand-picked 20 Beginner focused, varied classes that will keep your workouts fresh and fitness ticking over.

How do I join the challenge?

  • Head to your mobile app home screen to find Challenges

  • Tap 'View all'

  • Tap SUMER RESET see full details, what to expect, and the challenge rules

  • Hit the 'Join Now' button to show 'You're In'

I joined the challenge late - will my previous classes count?

You can join the Challenge late, but only classes taken after you join will count towards the Challenge.

How do I earn Vitality points?

You earn 5 activity points on Vitality for every Fiit workout you complete that is 20 minutes or longer. Each workout must be for a continuous 20 minutes to qualify for Vitality points. E.g. you won’t get points for two 15-minute workouts on the same day.

Please note that you will not earn Vitality points on the 10 min classes in the Challenge, but there are plenty of 25 min classes to choose from in the selected classes.

Classes will not backdate, only classes taken after you join the Challenge.
End time and date of the Challenge will show in app on your dynamic rail on the app homepage (iOS and Android).
Trophies are held in your profile tab (iOS and Android).
Available to Unlimited only.
No Vitality point earned on 10 min classes.

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