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Pausing a Training Plan
Pausing a Training Plan
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Injured... a cheeky weekend away or life just getting in the way?

Need to call a time-out halfway through Total FIIT, for example? Hit PAUSE.

Ready to roll? Hit RESUME to jump back in and finish strong!—That means no more incomplete plans. No more missed classes. No more FOMO...Just you, the mat and everything you need to get FIIT on your terms.

Available on Unlimited memberships only, via iOS and Android.


  • Scroll to the bottom of your current plan

  • Select Pause plan

Select Pause plan

Complete reason and tap 'Pause Plan'

This will show as paused in your dynamic rail so you don't forget


To resume, open training plan and scroll to bottom, Tap Resume,

It will ask you to confirm, confirm resume - it will unlock instantly.

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