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Mobility / Yoga Based Training Plans
Mobility / Yoga Based Training Plans
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Yoga and mobility flows are the perfect partners to Cardio and Strength classes.

Improve joint health and flexibility, build core strength and prevent injury — all while your mind becomes more relaxed and focused. Tune in. Tone up. And find your zen.

No one can reach their full potential without giving their body time to recover. Below are the Training Plans for Mobility and Yoga.

14 Days of Rebalance - Discover the benefits of yoga, pilates and mindfulness. Practice techniques that will improve flexibility, mobility and core strength so you not only feel great but enhance your performance in every other workout.

Mobility Plan - Future-proof your body using a plan designed to buddy-up with your regular training. Across four weeks and just 60 minutes per week, you’ll harness the power of functional movement, yin yoga for athletes and morning mobility classes to unlock your full athletic potential. As Gede says, “mobility is the secret sauce of high performance”. Better mobility equals greater range of motion, improved exercise execution, and a faster route to your fittest self. Build these sessions around your home workouts, gym days or to break up a WFH day. Recovery quicker. Bounce back stronger.
All Levels > 3 classes per week (60 mins per week) Brought to you by Richie and Lina

Feel good with Fearne - Learn to build a better relationship with your body and mind through yoga. Flow with Fearne Cotton and Richie Norton to get stronger, become more flexible and find calm on your mat. Whether you’re new to the practice or a seasoned yogi, this all levels 4-week plan will leave you feeling good after every class.
Take three, 25 minute classes a week and check your progress along the way, Please note week 3 is a repeat of week 1 and week for repeats week 2 designed for progression to see how far you have come.

Yoga for Beginners - This is your intro to the world of yoga. Yoga poses and flows are broken down in a way that is accessible for everyone. All areas of the body will be targeted to strengthen, stabilise and release tension. You'll finish off the 4 weeks feeling free in body and mind, and ready to keep rolling out that yoga mat. A nice mix of 10, 25 and 40 minute classes, 4 times a week.

The Yoga Plan - Open up to the world of yoga and feel the flow in your body and mind. Each week is centred around a peak pose – giving you the confidence to incorporate them into your flows. It's time to unlock your inner yogi in a mix of 10, 25 & 40 minute classes, 15 classes over 4 weeks. Ideal for All Levels.

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