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Cardio Based Training Plans
Cardio Based Training Plans
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If Cardio’s your vibe – the Outlast Pro Thrillogy will turn you into a machine in 12 weeks. No doubt. Or, if you prefer bodyweight bangers – our newly revamped Total Burn is specifically designed to help you burn fat and build endurance.

Listed below are our training plans focused on cardio training with recovery.

Bodyweight Only Plans

14 Days Of Cardio - Want to lose weight and tone up? This plan is designed to give maximum calorie burn in two weeks. High energy cardio workouts combined with strength and rebalance classes deliver fast results.

Total Burn - It’s time to turbocharge your fitness with Total Burn. Get 4 weeks of bodyweight burners, specifically designed to burn fat, build endurance and gain strength. Total Burn is Fiit’s seminal Cardio plan. And it’s all about finding the fire within. Feel your lungs burn while you build a killer aerobic base. Watch your HR peak while you incinerate calories. And get used to working at higher intensities for longer periods. Prepare for 5 workouts a week with a mix of 10, 25 and 40 minutes burners.

Total Burn 2 - Total Burn 2 is the sequel to Fiit’s most popular Cardio training plan. It’ll get you training at higher intensities for longer periods – burning more calories and building greater work capacity. With more volume and complexity, Total Burn 2 demands energy. So, keep calm and find comfort outside your comfort zone. Five workouts a week and intermediate level.

Outlast - The ultimate bodyweight plan, in 4 weeks this will test your endurance, power and determination. Burn fat, build strength and find out what your body's capable of with 6 classes a week, in all three studios. No weights needed.
Once you're done- level up with Outlast Pro.

Cardio / Strength / Lifting combinations

These plans have a cardio main theme but incorporate strength and Dumbbell / Kettlebell with classes from 3 studios of Cardio, Strength and Rebalance.

Lift - If you’re looking for a challenge, this plan is for you. Lift will help you build strength and torch fat, even at rest. Dust off your dumbbells, this is how you level up. Lighter weights.

Kettlebell Plan - Learn how to flawlessly execute a variety of kettlebell exercises to level up your Kettlebell performance, with 5 classes a week over 4 weeks, building on skills each week, one swing at a time. 40 min strength and cardio focused classes with recovery to aid mobility. With Wylie, Jake, Gede, Gus and Richie.

Outlast Pro- Three 4-week blocks of our grittiest cardio, strength and functional workouts.

Block 1 (Outlast Pro 1)- You'll build the cardio capacity, functional range and muscular endurance in preparation for block 2. Start with the Outlast Pro test which will enable you to track your progress. Then dive straight into six classes a week. We start with intermediate-level workouts before ramping up to advanced. All you need is your workout mat and pair of medium dumbbells.

Block 2 (Outlast Pro 2)- Demands more speed, more power and more agility with every move we throw at you. We’re taking it to 7 classes a week, with advanced level-only cardio and strength training. This is where you'll master isolation training in the Strength studio, Savage 40 minute HIIT sessions, functional movement and extra 10 minute stretches to enhance your performance.

Check out our blog for more details here!

Block 3 (Outlast Pro 3) - Use everything you've learnt from Outlast Pro 1 & 2 to take you to the next level. Master advanced, technical movements to start training and thinking like an athlete. You'll be working at higher intensities for longer intervals, smashing through 7 Advanced classes a week, mixing it up over 10, 25 & 40 minutes. Grab your dumbbells, and get ready to take your training to the next level!

If you have any further questions, please speak to our Team via [email protected]

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