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Pilates Plans and Progression
Pilates Plans and Progression
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Struggling to know where to start on our Pilates offering?

In case you hadn’t noticed, we’re big fans of Pilates. Practised effectively, it can help improve mobility, core strength, promotes recovery, aid with greater breathing control, improve breathing efficiency and, crucially, even make you impervious to injury.

Pilates works muscles you don’t engage in other practices. By targeting the core, pelvis and shoulder girdle, as well as placing emphasis on the breath and correct spinal alignment, Pilates helps athletes hit the ball further, run faster and jump higher — without the risk of injury.

This is the order we would recommend taking the Pilates Plans for progression.

The Pilates Body - This is your starting point if you are new to Pilates, you’ll take 2-3 classes a week to master the Pilates principles (breath, concentration, centring, control, precision and flow), find any imbalances in your body and correct them, teaching classic mat based Pilates techniques helping you learn core principles and build core strength while improving your balance, posture and co-ordination. All levels

Pilates for Beginners - Explore the four different planes of movement – flexion, extension, rotation and lateral flexion – to build the ultimate core, to move efficiently, and to optimise posture. Improve foundational strength, balance and mobility, while also relieving pent up stress and tension. Unwind, flow, and find your inner power(house). A nice mix of 10 and 25 minute classes, 4 times a week.

The Pilates Plan - Feel strong, long, toned and flexi. Connect mind to muscle as you breathe and move through deep toning exercises. Feel the burn in muscles you didn't know existed and open up those tough to reach areas. Whether you're a pilates veteran or newbie, this 4-week plan will leave you feeling better than ever. It's time to get pilates-Fiit. This All levels plan includes 10, 25 & 40 minute classes.

Pilates for Runners Series (individual classes unlimited only)

Long story short: low impact resistance training is IN. And when it comes to getting strong for running, nobody does it better than Joe. “Pilates is phenomenal for every training goal – but especially when you’re lacing up your running shoes,” says Director of Fitness & Performance, Gede Foster.

“It helps improve mobility, core strength, promotes recovery, aids with greater breathing control, improves breathing efficiency and, crucially, can make you more resilient to common running injuries.”

How? By ensuring the right muscles around your pelvis and spine, such as the deep lying transversus abdominis, are engaging to minimise the load on your lower back. Or to ensure your glutes are firing efficiently every time your foot strikes the ground.

“If these muscles aren’t working effectively, or are neglected completely, other parts of the body tend to overcompensate, resulting in imbalances. Left untreated, these imbalances can lead to all-too-common ailments like IT-band syndrome or runner’s knee,” says Gede.

Find Pilates for Runners classes via the class tab - #1 - #4 25 min classes or

if you’re a serious runner and want to swerve injuries this season, check out our Runner’s Collection and Runner’s Support four-week plan to put your best foot forward.

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