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Strength Based Training Plans
Strength Based Training Plans
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Looking to build strength and resilience for daily life?
Bodyweight classes are a great starting point for anyone new to exercise. We would always recommend you start with these to build strength, endurance and aerobic capacity, without the risk of injury.

We know that weight training helps you tone up and build muscle. It’s also widely recognised as one of the most efficient training methods for burning fat.

But lifting does so much more for your body and mind than it does for your appearance.

From reversing the ageing process, warding off osteoporosis and reducing the risk of heart disease to increasing resting metabolic rate (RMR) and bone density, lifting has a greater effect on your athletic performance than any other dynamic exercise

Our trainers will always advise you at the start of a workout if you need one or two pairs of weights, if you need them to be light, medium or heavy. Just remember, if you’re new to all this, start light. If you only have one pair of weights, you can always make it easier or harder by using one dumbbell at a time or slowing down the tempo of each rep to increase your muscles’ time under tension.

Listed below are our training plans focused purely on strength training with recovery.

Bodyweight Only Plans

14 Days Of Strength- Build strength and sculpt muscle with two weeks of bodyweight training. Target muscles across your entire body, and improve core stability and mobility with rebalance classes. Real strength starts here. Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced levels with 3-4 classes a week, 10-40min classes.

Real Strength - Feel strong from the inside out. Develop lean muscle and tone up. A rep-focused Bodyweight only plan to help you build a bulletproof body. Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced levels with 3-4 classes a week, 10-40min classes.

Dumbbell Plans

Build - Bulletproof your body and mind with our most intense strength workouts yet. Designed to build and sculpt muscle across your core, Upper and lower body.
You'll need a pair of dumbbells you can press overhead for 10 reps. Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels - 4 classes a week for 5 weeks.

Dumbbell Plans with Progression

Push Pull 1 - A 4 week plan designed to build muscle and perfect performance. Target individual muscles with progressive overload. Master functional moves and technique, improve muscular endurance and posture, and experience the benefits of hypertrophy training. Whether you’re at home or in the gym, you’ll need two pairs of dumbbells — one heavy, one medium, for both blocks. Intermediate and Advanced only 4 x classes a week from 10-40 mins.

Push Pull 2 - Increase the load in this next 4 week block when we bring power and olympic lifting to the mat. It provides the structure and stimulus you need to build athlete-level strength, without having to use a barbell. Experience complete strength training whilst continuing to level up in your technical moves and progressive overload. In Push Pull 2 you will work to develop more power, speed and agility. Check out what Fiit trainer, Gus, has to say about this plan here! Intermediate and Advanced only 4 x classes a week from 10-40 mins.

Push Pull 3- A 4 week block that takes everything you learnt from 1 & 2. And turns it up a notch. Go harder for longer with high volume strength training and hardcore conditioning work. Waz, Luke and Laura have added reps and bigger finishes that will help you move like a pro under load and feel like an athletic weapon. Bring your dumbbells to the mat for these 10, 25 and 40 minutes workouts. Advanced only 4-5 classes a week.

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