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How do I restart an old membership?
How do I restart an old membership?
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We are just thrilled that you want to come back to Fiit!
If your previous subscription has lapsed but you wish to keep the previous class history and data (I mean you worked hard for it right!) it's easy to link it back up again.

Can I save my previous Stats?

You are seen as a new member (as you have no current paid subscription) so join again as a new member, and simply use the same email address as you logged in with last time, your stats are managed on your email so will be there when you log back in as if you never left.

How do I restart the subscription?

Join as a new member using the same email.
You can join on the Fiit website in the Fiit App (creating an Apple / Playstore Subscription) or via Amazon Billing.
Once you have joined just give your app a refresh by logging out and in again to update the content.
Please note using a previously used email may mean that you have exhausted your free trial limit and therefore may not be eligible for a free trial again, you will see this as an immediate payment at checkout.

Any issues please contact us at [email protected]

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