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Do I need to download the Prevayl App?
Do I need to download the Prevayl App?
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Your Prevayl device will work in the Fiit App independently, but for an enhanced experience we recommend you download the Prevayl App to monitor and manage the battery life and the ability to update firmware releases to keep the device in tip top condition!

You can also gain extra insight into your workout analysis with features such as Body Check, Fitness Check and Female Athlete, key tools offering accurate insights and guidance to make you a better & well-rounded athlete.
The Prevayl app will also transfer your Fiit data to Apple Health. (GoogleFit is currently in production)

As our relationship with Prevayl develops, we'll also be adding even more data points shared across both apps.

The Prevayl App is only available currently in the UK and EU countries.
It is compatible with most popular smartphones operating iOS 10.1 and Android Oreo or later

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