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Class names are changing
Class names are changing
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As you know, here at Fiit we are passionate about providing the highest quality workouts, but we're just as dedicated to educating our members on how they can get the most bang for their buck.

To make your Fiit experience as easy as possible, on 1st June 2023 we'll be renaming our classes to fall Into the following concepts;

  • Metcon

  • Speed

  • Endure

  • Strength

(Don't worry Yoga, Pilates, Mobility & Stretch remain in their own categories)


Renaming our classes to fit into these concepts means you can quickly navigate our huge database of workouts and balance your training according to your goals.

Fiit trainers Gede and Alice explain more in this short video

What does this mean for me?

Whether you're looking to hit a fitness goal or just looking to feel good, knowing how best to utilise our content means you'll spend less time looking for a workout, and more time getting results.

You may have noticed our recent content has followed the Metcon, Speed, Endure concepts, so we hope you are a little familiar already. However, we recommend you favourite your favourites to help with the transition.

We are also excited to launch our new equipment icons, making it much easier to know at a glance what equipment is needed for any given class. You'll find these icons on the class card as of 1st June.

Can you help me understand what classes fit into these new concepts.

Metcon- Intervals, Circuits, Octane, The Chaser, Titan, Dumbbell Shred

Speed- As Speed is a new concept, all classes have been released under Speed

Endure- Non Stop

Strength: Classes will now come under either Upper body, Lower body, Full body, Bodyweight or Core - Circuits, Supersets, Push Pull, Kettlebell Grind, Dumbbell Grind, Bodyweight 360, Legs Gains, Arms Gains, Foundational Strength

Are there any classes that do not fit into these categories?

Naturally a few of our older classes do not fit into these concepts, so we've created a whole new collection that will house classes like Post Natal & Barre. This collection, Retro Fiit, can be found on your Classes tab from 1st June.

It's worth noting that all types of Yoga will now fall under one class name ie 'Yoga' followed by a class number (#). This is the same for all types of Low Impact classes, these will now fall under the one class name 'Low Impact', followed by the class number (#).

Are you deleting any classes?

We always listen to member feedback, that's why we periodically remove any low rated or under performing classes. We'll be slowly phasing out some classes over the coming weeks to ensure we are serving you only the most loved and taken classes.

Do these changes affect my current training plan?

Absolutely not. If you're on a training plan the class names will change, however it will be the same class as shown when you started the plan.

Some classes may have changed if you choose to re take a plan at a later date, this will only be the case if any previous plan classes fall under phased out content.

Will my stats be affected?

Not at all, whilst the name will change the class history will remain, just under the new class name, ie if you took Dumbbell Shred #13 five times, it will now show as Metcon #72 taken five times.

Do the new class numbers mean anything?

We have numbered the classes oldest to newest : #1 being oldest. Simple.

There is no need to take classes in numerical order.

Got questions? Feel free to chat to us - [email protected].

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