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Fiit tracker 2.0- powered by Prevayl
Fiit tracker 2.0- powered by Prevayl
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We are beyond excited to bring you the all new Fiit tracker powered by Prevayl: A new data-driven approach to working out, allowing you to level up your performance.

This new tracker has a built in accelerometer and is supported by clinical-grade ECG Sensor technology, giving you deeper insights into your workout.

With 1,000 data points processed per second, you'll be tracking 4 times more ECG data that any other fitness tracker, making the new Fiit tracker even more accurate. Data points include heart rate, Fiit points, reps and calories, and to top it off, it's a rechargeable device!

You'll also receive access to our companion app, Prevayl where you can utilise exclusive Fiit customer insights such as Body Check, with add on's such as Fitness Check and Female Athlete coming soon. Read here for more details.

Please note, the Fiit Tracker 2.0 can only be shipped to UK and European customers. We are on track to ship internationally later this year. Only members on a paid subscription will be able to connect and track workouts.

Should you experience any issues with your QR code please go to

What's the difference between the current Fiit Tracker and the Fiit tracker 2.0?

Whilst both trackers show the same metrics during your workout, the Fiit tracker 2.0 is powered by Prevayl and offers:

  • Built in accelerometer

  • Clinical-grade ECG Sensor technology

  • Deeper insights via the Prevayl App

  • 1,000 data points processed per second (ECG to motion data)

    (Tracks 4 times more ECG data that any other fitness tracker)

  • 10-hour battery life and is rechargeable!

The Fiit tracker 2.0 also comes with access to the Prevayl companion app where you'll be able to use Body Check, Fitness Check and Female Athlete, key tools offering accurate insights and guidance to make you a better & well-rounded athlete.

As our relationship with Prevayl develops, we'll also be adding even more data points shared across both apps.

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