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Bike workouts - Getting started
Bike workouts - Getting started
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You'll find two different collections of bike workout in the app.

Bike- these are bike only workouts that do not involve any other equipment, nor do they require you to get on and off the bike. You'll be in the saddle for the full duration of the class.

Bike + Mat- for this style of workout you'll need extra equipment like dumbbells. As you'll completing workouts sections on and off the bike, you'll also need space around you to move freely between bike and mat.

To purchase a Concept2 BikeErg, check out the options via our shop.

To purchase a Keiser M3i bike bundles see here

What do the metrics mean?

When used along with your Fiit tracker you’ll be able to track RPM (resolutions per minute), calories burned and distance covered – adding up to your total Fiit Points and hard-earned place on the leaderboard. For Bike + Mat workouts you'll also be able to track reps.

Connecting to a compatible Bike - Concept2 BikeErg

Note; in this video coach Gus mentions the Concept2 rower. Connecting to any Concept screen is exactly the same process whether is RowErg, BikeErg or SkiErg.

Connecting to a compatible Bike - Keiser M3i Indoor Bike

  1. Start by turning over the bike pedals, this will turn on the bike screen where you will see your bike number. Note; number is only visible for 15-20seconds so take a mental note.

  2. Head to your Fiit app, select 'Spinbike' on you chosen class connectivity screen. Here you'll see the last 2 digits match those on your Keiser bike. You can then connect your fitness tracker.

  3. You are now connected! As an extra confirmation you have connected to the correct bike, check the RPM on your Fiit screen matches the RPM on your bike.

10 Minute tutorial with Alice

Where to begin

Want to ride like a pro? Of course you do! Our two week masterclass, Bike Academy, will show you how to achieve greater speed and power on the bike by mastering the fundamentals. Build confidence as you hone technique, optimise posture, understand RPM vs resistance, and discover your peak sprint pace.

Bike Academy can be found under the Training Plans section of the app.

Just look on Home Screen > Training Plans > View all > Scroll to view options.

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