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Bike workouts - All you need to know
Bike workouts - All you need to know
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You asked. We listened.

Due to overwhelming demand Fiit Bike at-home and in-gym workouts are ready to ride!

Driven by metrics and curated by our expert team of Fiit trainers, this is indoor cycling with a twist. Classes are split into performance-focused Bike-only sessions and functional fitness-focused Bike + Mat workouts.

For a fully interactive experience, tracking your stats and progress, you'll need to connected with either a Keiser M3i Indoor Bike, or Concept2 BikeErg.

Bike only workouts

Designed to replicate a real-life ride, these 25 and 45min workouts use revolutions per minute (RPM) and resistance to create not only a challenging workout, but a measurable performance every time you get in the saddle.

Let us be clear: this is not spin. Instead of hair flicking and “riding to the beat”, we’ve created bespoke mixes that complement the prescribed RPM on every sprint, climb and recovery, helping push your best to the next level.

You can follow these classes on any indoor bike – at home, in the gym, even on holiday.

Bike + Mat workouts

These are 25 and 45min indoor cycling classes with added spice! Each class will contain a mix of low-impact training (LIT) or all-out sprints in the saddle, with short intervals of bodyweight moves or dumbbell lifts performed on the mat.

You’ll be turning your legs over, then hopping off the bike to power through mat based moves.

Where can I purchase a Concept2 Bike Erg or a Keiser M3I Indoor Bike?

The Concept2 BikeErg is now available to buy via our shop.

Keiser bike packages are coming soon.....

Are you compatible with other bike brands?

In order to connect and track your stats, you'll need to be using either a Concept2 BikeErg or a Keiser M3i Indoor, Bike with Bluetooth capabilities.

Can I take a class on another brand bike?

Absolutely! Our bike workouts can be taken on any bike, however, you'll only be able to track your stats on a Concept2 RowErg or a Keiser M3i Indoor Bike that has Bluetooth capabilities.

What do I need for Bike workouts?

We recommend starting your Bike journey with our Bike Tutorial. This will help you master the fundamentals of proper technique.

Some workouts will also require you to be on and off the Bike, using dumbbells.

Dumbbells can be purchased via our shop!

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