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Row workouts - All you need to know
Row workouts - All you need to know
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You heard right, we're adding another OAR-SOME modality to our range!

Fiit Row offers a fully connected experience on the Concept2 RowErg.

You'll see live metrics including stroke per minute (SPM), distance travelled, kcal and access to live leaderboards.

Programmed by your favourite Fiit trainers, Row workouts will follow the ‘Speed, Metcon and Endure’ disciplines you already see across our Bike and Tread workouts, whilst offering a low-impact full-body cardio and strength-based workout for all fitness levels.

Not an experienced Rower? Don't worry, we've also designed a Row Academy to help you master the fundamentals of proper rowing technique.

Where can I purchase a Concept2 RowErg?

The concept2 RowErg is now available for purchase via our shop.

Are you compatible with all Concept RowErg models?

In order to connect and track your stats, you'll need to be using a Concept2 RowErg with Bluetooth capabilities. RowErg Bluetooth screens can be purchased from here for any older Concept2 models.

Can I take a class on another brand of row machine?

Absolutely! Our Row workouts can be taken on any brand of Rower, however, you'll only be able to track your stats on a Concept2 RowErg that has Bluetooth capabilities.

What do I need for Row workouts?

We recommend starting your Row journey with our Row Academy. This will help you master the fundamentals of proper rowing technique.

Some workouts will also require you to be on and off the Rower, using dumbbells.

Dumbbells can be purchased via our shop!

What is Row Academy?

A two-week crash course in rowing excellency. Over four sessions, you’ll learn – and master – the art of this full-body workout to fully optimise your technique. Covering the fundamentals of strokes per minute and legs-core-arms, plus sprint starts and Chinese paddling, this is PhD-level know-how. By the end you won’t have just cracked the rower. You’ll have completed it! Time to grip it and rip it.

Row Academy can be found under the Training plans section of the app.

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