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For a fully connected experience you'll need to be on a Concept2 RowErg with bluetooth availability. To purchase a Concept2 RowErg, check out the options via our shop.

What do the metrics mean?

If you are on a Concept2 compatible RowErg, you'll be able to see Strokes per minute (SPM), Kcal and reps.

SPM- Strokes per minute - This is exactly what it says on the tin. This is the pace you are moving at

Kcal- How many calories you are burning on the machine

Reps- Dumbbells are included in some of our Row workouts, this metric is counting reps taken per set/overall.

As an extra measure of effort level, we recommend setting your Concept2 RowErg screen to display your 500m pace. The lower this number, the harder you are working.

Row workouts can be taken on alternative brands of bike without in app stat tracking.

Connecting the RowErg

Firstly ensure the RowErg has Bluetooth capability, and you are wearing your Fiit tracker/HR tracking device.

Visual learner? Let Fiit trainer Gus take you through the steps to connect your rower

Prefer reading instructions? We got you.

In your Fiit app;

  • Select workout, and press 'Start class'

  • Once on the connectivity screen, connect your tracker (heart rate will appear on screen)

  • Next, tap to connect your Rower

  • At this point you'll need to select 'Connect' on your Concept2 RowErg screen

  • Start the machine moving to (this helps the app to find your RowErg)

  • You'll now see on screen both HR tracker and Rower connected, press 'Continue' to begin the workout

Row settings

On a rower you'll find a control lever called the dampner. To mimic rowing in water, we suggest setting this to level 6 or below. The higher the dampner setting, the more resistance on the machine.

You'll also need to adjust the foot setting to ensure the the strap crosses over the ball of your foot.

Row Academy

A two-week crash course in rowing excellency. Over four sessions, you’ll learn – and master – the art of this full-body workout to fully optimise your technique. Covering the fundamentals of strokes per minute and legs-core-arms, plus sprint starts and Chinese paddling, this is PhD-level know-how. By the end you won’t have just cracked the rower. You’ll have completed it! Time to grip it and rip it.

This can be found under Training Plans in your app.

10 minute tutorial with Luke Baden

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