What does Metcon, Speed, Endure mean?

These terms relate to training disciplines. The body has different metabolic pathways that produce energy, Metcon, Speed and Endure train those various energy systems.

Metcon- (short for metabolic conditioning). These workouts are tough. They hurt. And they incinerate calories. These more often than not include weights. Think Dumbell Shred workouts.

Speed- Designed to make you more explosive and stronger, Spee workouts are made up of powerful stints, paired with a long rest after each set. Stats tracking for these workouts is only during the finisher section. These follow the theme of our Non Stop classes.

Endure- There’s little or no rest but the intensity is lower than any other workouts. No sprints. Just constant, low to medium intensity to really help you push your aerobic system. No stats tracking.

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