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Our new app layout explained
Our new app layout explained
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You talked, we listened. The Fiit app has had a makeover!!

September 2022 sees the launch of our new app layout, and whilst we know change can be little hard to get used to, we hope that you find the change as exciting and as useful as we do.

This new look is part of our ongoing project to simplify the app and move away from studios, into modalities ie Row, Tread, Dumbbells, Bodyweight, as well as disciplines like Metcon, Speed and Endure. More on this below.

We know it isn't perfect (yet) and rely on you, our valued members, to give your unedited opinions. Feedback can be left here, and we promise all replies are read and considered.

Why did we change the layout?

The new layout is part of a bigger project piece to not only simplify the app, but to begin work on improving metrics - evolving the way we record and show your workout stats.

Previously we had studios, collections, filters, trainers, PLUS the new connected tab. We still have the majority of those things still but in a simplified view (with more changes to come in the near future).

Why have you removed studios?

With the introduction of Airbike and Tread, as well as other concepts like Speed, Metcon and Endure the decision was made to simplify our class offering, giving our members an easy way to find and select their workouts.

Over the coming year we will move away from studios to support the improved tracking/metrics work we are doing. Right now you can still find the Cardio and Strength workouts via the 'collections' section on the classes tab.

What does Metcon, Speed, Endure mean?

These terms relate to training disciplines. The body has different metabolic pathways that produce energy, Metcon, Speed and Endure train those various energy systems.

Metcon- (short for metabolic conditioning). These workouts are tough. They hurt. And they incinerate calories. These more often than not include weights. Think Dumbell shred workouts.

Speed- Designed to make you more explosive and stronger, Speed workouts are made up of powerful stints, paired with a long rest after each set. Stats tracking for these workouts is only during the finisher section.

Endure- There’s little or no rest but the intensity is lower than any other workouts. No sprints. Just constant, low to medium intensity to really help you push your aerobic system. No stats tracking.

The filters have changed, how do I find specific classes?

We initially removed some filter options in the spirit of keeping things simple, however, from member feedback we are now looking to re-add filters for body part, target area and studio, as well as letting you know on the class card whether that particular workouts tracks points or reps.

My overall stats are no longer by studio, why has that changed?

As we are beginning to move away from studios and towards 'modalities' (or type of equipment) we made the decision to remove studios from your stats screen. All time stats are still available.

Your feedback is always valued, so please feel free to fill out this form. If you have any questions, our support team are available on email via [email protected]

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